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You did an example where you poured water to represent giving of yourself all day long and all the time and have nothing left to give but you still try to give. When I heard that, I realized that this is why I needed to be here.  I needed to hear that because I always give of myself but I never take the time to allow myself to be refilled.  Thank you so much! - Brittany



Baby Steps to Dreaming Big: 20 Steps to Making Your Dream a Reality


I know there is a dream inside of me but its blocked from my view.  It’s been blocked for a while but I can still feel it’s there.  This book is helping me.  It’s showing me through small steps, what is placed inside of me.  It’s showing me how to get to the realization of that dream.  Each step in this book requires me to do my work to investigate what’s holding me back and what pushing me forward.  But also, to remember that I am not alone.  That my circle of influence can help me to get there. I’m grateful for what is happening in my life through this book!  -Pam, Senior Director of HR


Vision Board Workshop:

This vision board party was so much more then you think it will be. I can't express how much it meant to me and what it brought to my life!! Everyone should experience this and use it as a tool to keep on track with their goals! – Tina


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