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Welcome to Loving Me Empowerment, I am honored and humbled to have you here!   This is the place where I’m supposed to share my professional bio with you but instead I just want to tell about where Loving Me Empowerment began.


As a single mom of two, I worked full time, was active in the community, was in school and attempted to maintain a social life with friends…all the while trying to maintain my Super Mom image.  I didn’t even want to look at the calendar because it as always so full of meetings at appointments.  As soon as one meeting was over, I would be rushing to the next one and then rushing home and trying to through together something for dinner and give my children at least a little bit of my time before sending them to bed.


I had spent several years supporting everyone else in their dream all the while I knew that there was a dream on the inside of me.  I was so tired…as a matter of fact, I was exhausted and even though dream was there, I was too tired to even begin to think of where to start and when I would think about it, I would get scared because I didn’t know if I could do it.   I spent a lot of time overwhelmed and frustrated; but I knew that I couldn’t give up.  I knew that I had two children that were depending on me and I believed that if I never reached for my dreams, they would never learn how to reach for theirs.


Before I could help you, I had to help myself so I took some time to sit down and remove all the gunk and junk from my life (dead relationships, unsupportive people, and negative thoughts about myself). After that, I picked up a piece of paper and some magazines and I created a vision board so that I could “SEE” what I wanted for my life.  It started with a vision board and it has grown into Loving Me Empowerment!


I am here to be a support to you.  I am here to help you develop ways to remove the gunk that has piled up on top of your dreams.  Loving Me Empowerment will host conferences, workshops and coaching sessions that will empower you to remember to love yourself….today…tomorrow and always!



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